Type of student you get in

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Type of student you get in

Post  Jagunco on Sat Jan 11, 2014 2:33 am

So I was thinking just now. In fact its been in the back of my mind for years but I'm bringing it up now.

I've been to a lot of different clubs over the years, both traditional and modern (if that's the right term) and I'm taken with the different people you get in each.

For the last decade most of my training had been in capoeira classes. now most of the people you get in capoeira classes, at least around my way, tend to be students or rather cosmopolitan people. Over the years I've seen language teachers, osteopaths, musicians, travelers, and what have you. Also at any given time I would say about 50% of the membership was foreigners, which is great.

I do actually recall an amusing night where we were demonstrating capoeira a had to stand an introduce ourselves to the crowd and where we were from and it went something like

Sussex, Poland, luthuania, Brazil, Luxembourg, Edinburgh, sweden, London and... Ashington

In case you're wondering.. Ashington is a small town just north of Newcastle (where the class was) and one of the most un cosmopolitan paces you'll get. There was a shocked silence and then laughter when I said I was a local lad people even came up afterwards to make sure I hadn't been joking

I was in a MMA gym 2013 trying to get back into shape and it was a completely different picture. A lot of students still but also a lot of chippies, delivery drivers, scaffolders. The training atmosphere was completely different.

I dunno. I find that the kind of training you do effects the people. That in turn effects the training.

Anyone else found this?

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