Older, Wiser, Mindset?

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Older, Wiser, Mindset?

Post  Jagunco on Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:21 am

So the other weekend me and my capoeira mates jumped in the motor and went down to London for a capoeira party and a drinking session (unfortunately not in that order which made the capoeira interesting).

The occation was a Brazillian Professor, our mate Pequeno Mestre, had made it back into the UK to start his teaching here again and join his English wife.

When the big Roda (the sparring game for wont of a better term) started Pequeno called on me for the first game with him, as predicted I spend most of it on my back foot looking for the scant openings that he gave me, we both left the roda quite happy and he congratulated me on a good game.

Anyway I caught something in his tone and so cornered him later and asked for an apprasial on how I played. He said it was a very good game and somehow after 4 years getting fat I had managed to come back with better capoeira than when I left.

It was odd. He knew how seriously I took my capoeira back in the day. I did train four or five times a week. Now I'm four years older, not in peak shape (though improving) heavier and out of practice. I considered what had changed since the last time we met and I had to say

'Maybe I just have less to prove'

I remeber if I entered a roda back in the day the fact that I considered myself getting over the hill, still a low grade for my years of practice and a lot of axes to grind I did play very differently. I kicked a lot more and my game was more direct, which isn't nessecaraly good in capoeira.

When I played on the weekend my game was more relaxed. I didn't expect to get anywhere and for the first time in a few years it didn't bother me. I played a patient game and where as I didn't get very far Pequeno led without really dancing in circles around me as I became more and more flustered.

My game was a lot less physical and a lot more mental. I paid more attention to the other player and to be honest I had more fun.

There was another game I played that was interesting when me and a guy I didn't know entred and we literally couldn't kick because of the others defence.Twice we both went for the same kick and laughed about it. I came away with the idea that we were just evenly matched and was sorry I didn't get a video of it.

There are two mindsets in capoeira and it applied to life as well I suppose. There are the Bravos and the Magingeirous (Spelling) what a bravo is is obvious. Big strong fast and completely physical. The famous story is that the bravo was killed by a bullet after accepting a letter to present to someone to get him work. He couldn't read and the letter said 'This is the guy you are to kill' he got most of the the guys who attacked him but then someone shot him (or stabbed him with a magical knife.... something like that)

Magingeirou is a funny word and the most direct translation is 'Con man' or 'trickster' its a person who is good at pulling cons and being crafty. More likely to resort to underhand tactics than physical prowess.

I suppose I made the mental jump when I came back as I resolved when I went into capoeira again.

What do you lot think? has anyone else noticed a change in mindset in themselves?


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