Criminal Justice System Top Tips pt2

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Criminal Justice System Top Tips pt2

Post  Chris on Fri May 17, 2013 1:22 pm

Police Officers do not like any male who has participated in violence unless the OTHER guy is a known scumbag of the highest order.

Just because you lost, does not mean you were a victim

Just because you were defending yourself, does not mean you weren't guilty of a crime

Judges don't usually know what real violence looks like but they know what real crime looks and sounds like

Judges have opinions too....

Policing is political, so is the Criminal Justice system

If you use a pointy, sharp thing do not expect anything other than an arrest at the very least

If you kick and or headbutt and you "win" leaving the other guy hurt expect to answer some questions.

The vast majority of bystanders will not help you if you are attacked until they are convinced the threat has subsided. The vast majority of those who do intervene will be drunk and make things worse.

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