Importance of peripheral scope

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Importance of peripheral scope

Post  Lee Morrison on Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:18 am

Here is something to think which relates to our focus on improving peripheral vision and taking adavantage of tunnel vision in others.

Im relating this from more of an intervention or team tactics perspective from working the doors, but it can apply simply as a means to protect anyone we care about, from the aggressive on-slaught of another.

With regards to the effect of tunnel vision, we can make this work for us when dealing with a fixated frontal threat as the following examples will show.

Both examples come from live experience via door work. We know that during the context of a criminal assault as Southnarc calls it, that part of the street aggressorís M.O is to employ the pincer approach, that is distract the target from the front to create fixation, as another aggressor attacks from the flank or behind taking full advantage of the targetís tunnel vision and peripheral closure.

We can also use this against an aggressor as a means of intervention. The following accounts are true, and depict a clear example of this.

One guy smashes to bottles and wields them one in each hand in a threatening manner to two door staff. The aggressor is suffering the effects of severe adrenal stress including tunnel vision, making him completely fixated on his intended target/s. This enabled a student of mine, also a veteran doorman working at a nearby venue, to approach from his flank, get right up behind him and employ a text book rear face take down, followed by a knee drop which pinned him effectively in place as the 2 original door staff stepped in to restrain.

Another example comes from my own term on the door, when a big fight kicked off in a local venue, the catalyst to the affray was one guy who was stood up on a table swinging what appeared to be a crutch. This guy had already hit several people with the makeshift club including 2 door men and he was successfully keeping others at bay with it. Employing team tactics we had 2 guys get him to fixate from the front as I moved through the ground behind, to approach from the rear. With one sudden movement I was able to get close enough to whip his ankles out from under him as I shoulder barged him face first into the table he was stood on, from here we upturned the table and pinned him down with it until his attitude subdued.


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