Neural-Based Learning drills

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Neural-Based Learning drills

Post  Lee Morrison on Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:06 am

Hi guys,
I must say that since training with Marcus Wynne, my brain has been working overtime to create new and improve old drill UC drills that we employ for state access and management along with enhanced observation cues.
Here are just a couple to give you an insight into what we are doing right now.

Peripheral enhancement drill:

Calibrate Peripheral Vision from a relaxed state, by holding your hands out to the fringe of your peripheral scope. Have one partner with a striking pad/shield stand in front of you, and another wearing 2 focus pads at stood behind you.

On your frontal partnerís signal, which will be offered intention from him/her, access state and blast into the pad with multiple TC strikes for 30 seconds, pace this donít rush.

At some point during the drill, the feeder behind you will feed either focus pad high or low, left or right within the scope of your peripheral vision. Your ideal response is to turn and throw in a single palm strike to that pad and then turn back to your frontal threat.

Try and resist the temptation to turn and look for the pad, instead the idea is to try and pick up the cue in your periphery. The feederís objective is to determine the limits of you peripheral scope in an attempt to help you broaden it.

If however you donít pick up on the feederís cue after 3-5 seconds he will hit you with the pad, which in turn will help install a learning curve. On instructorís signal stop your assault and re-calibrate your vision, check state then recount your phone number out load quickly.

State Management drill:

Trainee stands in a corner at Close Quarters to a feeder, facing them with 2 focus pads. Keep proximity tight and confined, trainee maintains a hands high compressed fence.

The pad man cues in stress via verbalisation, pushes, shoves and if necessary the employment of a series of manic slaps to the head and face of the recipient. Object being to induce fight state in the trainee.

This may vary according to individual, but access state as quickly as possible and acquire a target to attack, by physical grasping one of the pad manís pad feeding limbs, once attached, maintain hold and ATTACK with a succession of tight palm strikes, head butts and elbows etc.

After 10-15 seconds the feeder will then attempt to struggle by pulling his pad arm free from your grasp. Respond to this by escalating your aggression further and strive to forcefully pull the pad to your mouth. From here BITE and shake your head with vicious guttural intent until you pull the focus pad free from the feederís hand.

Once free bite once more and throw the pad to the ground, then stomp on it as hard as you can, take your aggression to its peak by kicking/volleying the pad clear across the room to signify terminating the threat.

The previous feeder now becomes a coach, telling you to re-calibrate your vision, check state and recall out loud the following information; Name/address/phone number and D.O.B to simulate thinking and making decisions under post-fight stress.

Just a little sample, detailed article with photo descriptions to follow on our website shortly.

Lee Morrison

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Re: Neural-Based Learning drills

Post  Alan Bec on Fri Sep 22, 2006 9:33 am

Great stuff Lee,

I'll be having some of that.


Alan Bec

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