First ever ASMAA-SDF TKD Seminar

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First ever ASMAA-SDF TKD Seminar

Post  David Turton on Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:32 am

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 24th 2013 ASMAA-SDF is hosting our first proper Tae Kwon Do seminar...
This will be held at ACMAC Doncaster, our usual venue. there are TWO sections, the morning session will be taken by Audrey Parker 5th Dan and official WTKA/ASMAA England Team Coach for patterns/forms.
So the morning session will concentrate on improving your forms/patterns.

The afternoon session will be taken by Paul Oxtoby 6th Dan and will concentrate on improving your kicking skills.
You are welcome on ASMAA-SDF seminars regardless of which style of TKD you practise.
Children are also welcome from 11 years old and above, with certain younger ones also being welcome if their skill base/grade warrants it.

Other Korean styles such as Hapkido, Tang Soo Do etc and Japanese Karate stylists are also welcome. Gi/Uniform is expected unless you wish to attend but dont train in such garments normally then your normal training clothing is accepted.

Guests/friends are also very welcome however the fee is slightly higher for non-members. You can train at either or BOTH sessions to suit..

 FEES ARE: 10 for each SINGLE session or 15 for both sessions.
 Guests: 12 for each single session or 20 for both

So get it in your diary and lets see a great seminar. .....................

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