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bigjon says...

Post  bigjon on Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:05 am

hello all

47, not that big and not that clever!

20 ish years Latosa escrima been retired a few years. Lazy and occasionally opinionated. Know what I know and (most of the time) know what i dont know. Trained by Shaun Bolwell (2nd BB akido, 1st Technician escrima concepts uk) our teacher Steve Kimvik (4th? Technician EC Uk, ) Steve was one of the early students of Bill Newman.

Did a seminar with Geoff Thompson and Peter Consterdine in the nineties. He was talking about the different levels of fear and its effects when I realised that what i was suffering from was slow adrenal release. Epiphany!
Afterwards, whenever I was instructing I would bring in aspects of his work mainly the fence, one punch knockouts, posturing, circle attacks etc

Last fight was way back having moved to a new school. When the "mist" cleared i found myself to be throttling him (wonderful having nice long arms!) a bit embarrassing, but had the advantage of nobody giving me any further grief. Seems I was already operating GT's fence!

My first escrima competiton in Europe (full contact, kicks punches, minimum armour apart from kendo-type head gear, half padded sticks) I learned that everything i knew went out the window on the bell, flailing around like a demented windmilling baboon, 30 seconds into the round my tank was empty... oh dear! I learned that i could take a good beating, that I have heavy hands and the importance of proper preparation re fitness training!
Probably took me five years before i could hit and move without getting involved in brawling. Like i said, not that clever.

Love this site, informative, intelligent, happy chance finding Ade on another blade forum. Ever the student, I shall lurk and learn.


jon griffiths


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Re: bigjon says...

Post  Ade on Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:24 pm

Hey Jon,
I'm glad you found your way here,welcome! Smile


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