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Torches heads up

Post  Ade on Tue Nov 20, 2012 7:09 am

If anyone is into their flashlights you might be interested that "Thrunite" now have their own ebay shop.

Thrunite are a Chinese firm producing flashlights that punch well above their weight in terms of price vs function

(i have no affiliation with the firm,other than being a customer)

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Re: Torches heads up

Post  roadkill on Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:18 am

Nice selection. I picked up something similar, here is a short review of the one I bought.

A good flashlight is something that I've always put near the top of the list in any good kit.

I have a couple of important requirements. First, it has to be bright, LED, over 200 lumens and I prefer it to have several different illumination modes. Second, it has to run on two AA batteries. Why I want to run on two AA batteries is really quite simple. It's because I can find those batteries any place, they are everywhere, in remotes, toys, cameras, phones they're all over the place so there readily accessible. in fact, any of my camping gear or other items that need batteries. I try to stay with AA batteries. That way I only have to buy or concentrate on one type of battery, not three or four for the various electronic products that I have.

Quark Pro QP2A-X

This bad boy has a max output of 280 lumens. That's a bright ass flashlight for 2 AA batteries. It has various output settings, one I use alot is the moonlight mode which is 0.3 lumens, just right when you need to see, but not blind yourself. I use this flashlight daily, between working in the yard, caring for animals and I velcro it on my bike helmet when I ride at night. It's lightweight enough that I can clip it to the brim of my hat when I want to work hands-free. I just love this thing. The different lighting modes that it has from Moonlight to high allow you to get just the right amount of light without blinding yourself or not having enough illumination to see shit. When on max output I can illuminate treetops from a couple hundred feet. Really quite bright from a flashlight that's lightweight and to date, pretty rugged.

light outputs Moonlight: 0.3 lumens, 15 days / Low: 2.7 lumens, 3 days / Medium: 24 lumens, 20 hrs / High: 115 lumens, 2.5 hrs / Maximum: 280 lumens, 0.8 hrs Strobe: 280 lumens, 1.6 hrs / SOS: 280 lumens, 3 hrs / Beacon: 0-280 lumens pulse, 8 hrs

It's not cheap though, it lists for $78 on their website.

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