Training Log by Rob Pincus

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Training Log by Rob Pincus

Post  Nick Hughes on Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:48 pm

While I was up at Kelly McCann's recently I noticed one of the guys was carrying a training log. I grabbed a look and liked it so much I bought my own copy.

It contains a bunch of short essays by industry trainers (Southnarc is one readers here will recognize) and then space for fifty different training events. There's room to make notes of techniques, copy names and numbers of fellow attendees, what was covered, the signature of the training officer, times and dates etc.

Not only is that great from the point of view of a refresher and an aide memoire but it's also handy over here for legal reasons. Imagine being questioned for using a specific technique and then badgered about when was the last time you practiced it or had instruction in it. There, in the log is documentation as to exactly where, when, how many hours and who the instructor was etc.

While it's not big enough to make copious notes (something I do on a legal pad I always bring with me for transfer later to Evernote) it definitely serves a purpose by documenting the hours and a rough outline of what was covered. (My goal has always been at least 100 hrs per year of continuing education and this permits me to keep an exact record of exactly how many hours I've done.

I found mine on one of the training sites by the Spyderco trainer Michael Janich but it's available on Amazon here as well.

Definitely a worthwhile piece of kit.

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