Hock Hochheim Seminar Ireland

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Hock Hochheim Seminar Ireland

Post  Wayne Harrison on Sun Jul 22, 2012 2:59 am

W. Hock Hochheim
Hand * Stick * Knife * Gun * Police Judo * PAC/Filipino
17, 18 November, 2012 , Killyleagh/ Belfast Area, Ireland

Thanks to Wayne Harrison, Hock's CQC will come to Ireland. Planned topics to be covered...

Worst Case Scenario Problem Solving

Knife materials taught:
* Military Knife Fighting and Civilian Knife Defense
*Knife Ground Fighting
*Knife rank level 1

Military and police pistol disarming

Unarmed Combatives * Level 1 for rank
*Counters to combat kicks
*“Thinking outside the box/Boxing Outside the Think” theme

Impact Weapon/"Stick"
* Stick level 1
* Riot Stick Combatives (very hard core two-handed grip material)
* Impact Weapon take downs and retention

You must contact Wayne for all cost, hotels and all other details. All funds will be collected right at the door, £150 for two full 8 hour days. You might make other arrangement and payment plans with Wayne. Please bring as much gear as possible. (Try to bring a sturdy, replica pistol of some kind.)

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