max strenght and muscle gain circuit

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max strenght and muscle gain circuit

Post  Jamie Wadman on Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:35 am

hi guys, i read about a circuit that builds muscle and max strength in the same workout which seems interesting and im
going to give it a try from next monday instead of my current routine.
it looks something like this:

3 sets, first set is max strength (1-3 reps)
next 2 sets are built towards muscle gain (8-12 reps)

my routine will be equipment free (well, nearly)

my routine:

Exercise 1
set 1 - one arm press ups (with back pack on) 2 reps per arm
set 2 and 3 - press ups with hands on exercise ball and feet on 2 chairs (lighter back pack on, less books lol)
10 reps per set.

Exercise 2
set 1 - one leg squats with pack on - 2 reps per leg
set 2 and 3 - normal squats with pack on - 10 reps.

one arm pull up progressions

american football coaches use similar circuits in terms of sets and reps, the notion is to become has strong
has you look, i will give this routine a 6 week trial and post my results on here.

The above routine will not take long but hits the spot well, i devised this one because i have a family
and cannot spend hours training. i will train twice a week.
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