punching practice

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punching practice

Post  Jamie Wadman on Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:01 am

hi dave,
i do not have a heavy bag or pads. but i want to practice to improve my punches.
i have light weights, this was my idea,

speed drills couple times a week, 30 seconds all out for example.
plus practice single punches, ie 5 reps of a jab, right cross etc for 3 sets.

what are your thoughts on this type of drills for power and speed.
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Re: punching practice

Post  David Turton on Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:45 am

Hi mate

thanks for the questions ... not sure you may agree with my answers though Ha ha

In my opinion the ONLY way to get power into punches is with the heavy bag... impact ability is built up by impacting something that doesnt move much... the heavy bag being the obvious thought.

When you hit a heavy immovable object your body reacts at the moment of actual impact, and responds by 'strengthening' the components used at that moment... thus during the recovery periods the body repares itself for the ability to take greater impact...

Strength is somewhat slow whereas power is strength on the move
So basically you need SOMETHING to hit... any large bag filled with rags will do the job.

Can you imagine any boxer not using the heavy bag?

Personally I am not an advocate of weights to improve aspects of punching, but very few agree with me on this point, so I may be wrong

However weights work by their action on gravity, and you get stronger by resisting the weight wanting to be pulled by gravity..

Hold a weight out at arms length and the weight wants to go DOWN, so you are resisting the downward motion, so you are getting stronger at holding the weights UP, whereas you need resistance against your fists going OUT for speed and power..

Try the following if you have a partner .. Thai Kick shields are brilliant for punching as well ..your partner can move inward, sideways, backwards etc and you need them to move to hit him hard.. great way of improving power

for reaction and speed my favourite was to buy 20 table tennis balls and get people to throw them at you and you had to move and punch them as they come in ..GREAT for coordination and speed

sorry if I sound negative .. the REAL test of any training routine is RESULTS...

If you like an exercise, it tends to like you .. if you ar eimproving then its working, if you are not ... do something else mate

David Turton

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