MMA Naive Mindset (in their own words)

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MMA Naive Mindset (in their own words)

Post  Nick Hughes on Sun Nov 29, 2009 5:09 pm

Dennis' forum had a post about Kelly McCann's new DVD which deals with fighting someone with MMA training. McCann makes the comment that it is becoming more likely that law enforcement and security types will have to tackle (no pun intended) perps with that kind of skill set.

Of course the MMA forums have their spandex shorts in a wad and are denigrating the DVD.

Most telling is this quote...

a "seasoned" (read truly skilled ) MMA practitioner can only be countered by 1. Luck; 2. Equal or greater skill; or 3. A massive size/strength/injury disparity.

Now...that's from the MMA guys themselves. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Check out the mindset their sports training has given them.

It speaks volumes to me, and only confirms what I've always said about the dangers of training in a sport if you want to do self protection, when they fail to mention things like....

1. A guy with a gun

2. A guy with a knife

3. A group of guys

4. A group of guys with weapons

5. Impact weapons

6. Pre-emptive strike

7. Sucker punch

8. Ambush

9. Rolling round on the ground trying to put a cool submission on someone while a group of his mates use your head for a football.

I'll take someone getting lucky, someone being more skillful (good luck) or a huge disparity in size (good luck again Very Happy ) any day over any of the nine I mentioned.

Nick Hughes

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Re: MMA Naive Mindset (in their own words)

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:38 am

I've seen the DVD in question and I was disappointed at how much McCann still remains within the MMA sporting mindset himself.

People seem to forget the wide range of techniques and targets which are banned in supposedly no-holds-barred MMA.

There were plenty of instances where there was a clear line to attack eyes, throat, groin, small-joints or the situation was ripe to use headbutts, biting, gouging, etc and McCann ignores them for something taken from the normal MMA defence 'play book'.

Yep, a well-trained MMA competitor could be a formidable opponent, but then so can many people.


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Re: MMA Naive Mindset (in their own words)

Post  CameronQ on Sat Dec 26, 2009 7:03 pm

Yeah, Sosai used to say that the only techniques you need in a real confrontation are the techniques that are not allowed in a tournament. They're banned for good reasons. They prodce maximal damage in minimal time. Smile

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Re: MMA Naive Mindset (in their own words)

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