TMA Schools in New Zealand

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TMA Schools in New Zealand

Post  KB83 on Sat Jun 13, 2009 4:20 pm

Do you know any TMA schools in New Zealand that can be recommended in the Auckland?

I train in boxing, muay thai and will be starting no gi grappling, and have trained in Sir Gee Dorr Kempo(which i did think was quite good) and Todd group close combat. I wanted to compare Sir gee Dorr to another school as I am not quite sure if it is for me. I found close combat to be good but it didn't fit in with how I train the other sport combat styles or provide me with my physical conditioning as far as fitness and strength.. I highly enjoy boxing and muay thai but want to learn something where i'll be learning to escape holds, weapon defense, and possibly makiwara and other forms of conditioning for hardening the body.


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