Our private lesson with Steve

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Our private lesson with Steve

Post  AndyLFC on Sun Dec 30, 2007 4:23 pm

Today myself and friend Mahir had the opportunity to take a private lesson with Steve Morris. Even though it took us 4 hours to drive back to South London we were both buzzing and excited with the training we had just done. We are also both highly impressed with Steve as a person and his methods of teaching and training.

I first heard about Steve some 15 years ago from friends and highly trained martial artists I knew that had visited Steve and who spoke very highly of him back then. So it was always in my mind that one day I must meet and train under Steve. I presently live and work in China, so over the past few months of seeing Steve on youtube, buying some dvds and reading various articles (Steve's website wont open in China!) I decided upon my return visit to the UK that a visit was top of my agenda (and seeing the family of course!) My training mate Mahir insisted on coming up too when I told him that I had booked a lesson in.

Over the past few years my hunger to learn more and train with (what I thought) the best took me not only around the UK but parts of Europe and China. However, I found I had hit a plateau, whatever I did, whoever I trained with, I just did not seem to be able to move on and really improve. Steve showed today how basic and 'dead' my training and ability really is.

So many times in the past teachers that I have met were able to talk but not do! Steve however has both the knowledge and great ability to show it in its fighting context with awesome power. Never have I met someone with this ability yet also be a good teacher and get the message across...especially to a couple of lemons like me and Mahir! We both now feel that our training has taken a new and exciting turn for the better.

I know that many of you reading this will know better than I what Steve is like, but for those who do not and have been thinking about going to see him.. just do it..you will not be disappointed.

Many thanks again Steve and see you again soon, from Andy and Mahir.

And a happy New Year to you all!


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