Private Lesson with Steve

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Private Lesson with Steve

Post  Nick Forrer on Mon Dec 24, 2007 8:11 am

I had the oppurtunity last saturday to take a private lesson with Steve Morris and I thought I would give soem feedback on this forum

If the penny hasnt dropped yet Steve Morris is at the cutting edge of martial arts in this country and very possibly the world

What impresses me about Steve is that he never stop looking for ways to progress and improve on what he is doing despite the fact he has been in martial arts for almost 50 years now.

My only regeret about the lesson was that due to an ankle injury and the flu I wasnt able to put 100 pc into the lesson. That didnt stop steve from putting his 100 pc into the lesson though and we went well over the allocated time.

I had a number of different things I wanted to ask Steve about and I got much more than I bargained for. Steve as always did his best to help me understand, explaining and showing me what he meant.

I will say this now the accuracy power and speed of Steves strikes I have yet to see equalled in Martial arts and I have seen a lot of different guys over the years. If I can get a fraction of what he has I will be happy.

Some of the stuff we covered included

Striking explosively getting penetration into the target

Using the head to assist in striking but making sure it was protected at all times too

Counters to the low round kick

Counters to the double neck tie

Counters to the body lock

The merits of covering over blocking

Entries to the takedown

Training methods to develop hand dexterity, tendon power and isometric strength in the clinch

In summary it was a great lesson and I would endorse it for anyone looking to improve what they do. Steve is very articulate, very skilled and very open with his knowledge.

I look forward to more lessons in 2008!
Nick Forrer

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Re: Private Lesson with Steve

Post  steve morris on Thu Jan 03, 2008 7:16 am

Thanks for that post, mate.

One of the reasons why I concentrated on breaking the principles down so that they would make sense from the point of view of any martial artist (and in the case of your mate, Wing Chun) was because I want to show that they can be applied to anything. Any impact or explosive sport. I even worked with pro tennis players in the past to improve their service speed and their footwork across the court.

I'm glad you're getting that insight into where I'm coming from. It's really gratifying when somebody understands what I'm doing and why. Sometimes I feel like I'm pissing in the wind with the martial arts community, so thanks for that Nick.
steve morris

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