improving and training your footwork

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improving and training your footwork

Post  Luis Fernández on Sat Nov 17, 2007 3:21 am

How do you guys train your footwork?
do you train for it specifically ?

Thanks in advance

Luis Fernández

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Re: improving and training your footwork

Post  steve morris on Tue Nov 20, 2007 6:18 am


Of course you do have the occasional accident and happen to notice it, either in yourself or somebody else.

Footwork comes as a result of your combative experience as well as your observation of how others fight. It isn't footwork for the sake of footwork, it has purpose. There's a why, so when I teach footwork I show it from the point of view of why. ANd the detail of that can be sometimes quite enlightening.

Footwork has to be not only dynamically supportive of what you're doing, but also tactical. Footwork should be used not only to get in rhythm with your opponent, but to break rhythm and attack when he's not prepared.

You train it by breaking it down into what you need and familiarizing yourself with that in drills, and then testing it in conditional fighting and aggressor/dissimilar training. It's like every other process within the gym. It's drill, some form of conditional fighting, and test it in some other form of aggressive/dissimilar training. It has to be shown to work for you, otherwise why do it?
steve morris

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