Total Body Defence(Goshinkwai) DVD

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Re: Total Body Defence(Goshinkwai) DVD

Post  Dave Turton on Sun Sep 16, 2007 7:33 am

I have watched the DVD several times and used the various menus in order to try and fully appreciate what is being conveyed, and apart from a few very minor nit picking bits, I can't fault it.
I have PM's Wizzy over the couple of things I noticed, so I won't comment on them on an open forum until he has read them and given his permission.

If I had to give a short appraisal I would say its probably the best instructional close combat DVD I have seen in the past couple of years.
It deserves to do well and I hope it does (no fee necessary Wizzy Ha Ha)
my compliments

Dave Turton

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Total Body Defence (Goshinkwai) DVD

Post  boson on Sun Oct 28, 2007 8:46 am

Currently studying Tae Kwon-do, but always interested in other styles to improve my own techniques, came across this DVD and was impressed with the high quality production and looks, but the main thing was the clear way that each move was presented.

Each step was clearly broken down and gave enough detail to allow somebody to learn the move, not like some DVD's I've seen where it just a blur of movement.

Top job, well worth a look.


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Re: Total Body Defence(Goshinkwai) DVD

Post  Alun Williams on Sat Dec 01, 2007 4:12 am

Please see below latest review by Malcolm Martin (Bachelor of Arts, Martial arts journalist, kickboxing coach, film reviewer, former senior reporter and eventually editor of Temple Publishers four magazines, Martial arts consultant on BBC 2's 'Masters of Combat' and Sky 1's 'Fight School' (Sky's most successful home-grown product), commentator for the Channel 5 show 'Now is the Time Night of Combat' and more recently with Sky Sports for 'Cage Rage', and more recently Actor, producer and director.

My sincere thanks to Malcolm for his time with us and for the review


Total Body Defence DVD review

This DVD has been a long time in the making, I should know, I interviewed Alun Williams at the studio where he was shooting the footage and in the time between then and now there has been much water under the bridge, so to speak.

I can say, however, that the result is more than worth the wait, as 'Total Body Defence' is the most comprehensive and inter-active DVD I have reviewed and is quite literally the next best thing to having personal tuition with Alun in a live class. 'Total Body Defence' has taken the technology available and run with it, presenting the viewer with a multitude of practical options, packing the DVD with relevant information and visual flair, to the point that I believe 'Total Body Defence' is now the template for the modern self-defence DVD.

There is so much to admire here and foremost is the fact that Alun readily brings his regular instructors into the mix. This might seem a minor detail but it is important in that it proves the techniques do not simply work for their originator but also for those he teaches as well.

Alun himself is a fluid communicator, both verbally and physically and acts as an able and engaging host. Whilst talking about the physical elements, Alun wisely concentrates on just eight techniques, giving the viewer variety without weighing them down with too much choice, a genuine case of 'less is more'.

The techniques are straightforward yet explosive and incorporate striking, grappling and footwork, the culmination of Alun's years in Goshinkwai Yawara and twenty odd years in the martial arts overall.

If we take Alun William's ability and experience as a given, what is a revelation are the technical elements of the DVD that emphasise just how much work has gone into this superior offering. As mentioned, only eight techniques are examined but the total running time of over two hours hints at the wealth of detail to be discovered. Each technique has its own (very easy to navigate) page and within this framework the potential student has multiple inter-linked options, the whole providing a complete dissection of the technique in the most comprehensive audio/visual manner.

Everything is shot using five cameras therefore the technique is displayed from a variety of angles and ranges, even the demo section benefiting from 3 separate angles. The instructional aspect is handled very much as a class environment, with Alun demonstrating and talking through the technique as it is repeated from varying angles.

So far par for the course but where the DVD really excels is in the extra features that can be found for each technique, notably the simple but very effective flip technique mode that instantly reverses the action. Added to this is a commentary track that imparts valuable additional information that would be too 'wordy' for the instructional section but really adds an extra dimension to the viewers understanding of the technique.

If this were not enough there is the magazine style slide-show that further breaks down the technique and a unique 'Matt' man, giving a biological insight into the effect the strikes and locks have anatomically on bones, muscle and tissue.

The result is a technique that is explored thoroughly both practically and theoretically to provide an in-depth rather than surface understanding of the mechanics involved.

It almost sounds too good to be true but 'Total Body Defence' really is that slick, professional and informative. There's even icing on the cake, in the form of a number of extra features, including defence against gun and knife and, before I hear you groan, Alun is at pains to point out that defence against such weapons is a controversial area and insists that his techniques are not a guaranteed solution rather they offer the viewer slightly better odds in a genuinely life-threatening situation.

Knowing the time and energy that has gone into the production of this DVD, all I can say is the old-adage really is true-"good things come to those that wait."

To conclude, this is the best DVD I have seen in terms of presentation, content and technical achievement and 'Total Body Defence' is the perfect fusion of technique and technology creating the ultimate inter-active training aid.

Malcolm Martin

Details of how to purchase the DVD as follows
Alun Williams

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Re: Total Body Defence(Goshinkwai) DVD

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