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starting second

Post  Guest on Thu Jul 05, 2007 1:49 pm


i asked mick this question and would like your take on it.

if you were switched off and the attack has begun, you have taken several hits, how would you turn this around if you were still standing,



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Re: starting second

Post  Lee Morrison on Fri Jul 06, 2007 10:45 am

Hi mate
this is something we tend to address in trainining alot. Of course we always strive to take the initiative, then exploit it until we get the result we want. But worse case scenario and you have been caught, it of course depends on where and how well. If you catch a solid flurry on the chin without any inclination its coming, well chances are you are going down and its lights out. Any ambush is just that, you've been hit and the first your gonna know about it is post event. But if you have inclination and a degree of situational control (your hands are up) then say the subject gets initiaitive by banging you first, our response is to default and blast forward, or lets say you get suckered from a flank by his mate, well if its not enough to put you down, we want an immediate offensive response, coupled with forward pressure and a I f**king hate you from your head to your toes attitude. We tend to practiced blasting forward in the said way employing everything from getting hit with a pad, then coming back, to getting full on rocked up with multiple gloved shots, even knocked on your arse then fighting tooth and nail to bring the fight back to you. This kind of pressure is not for everyone, but when you do it a lot it gives you massive confidence if someone does get the jump. Anywhere you get hit in the head, that does not either knock you out or knock you down in an immediate sense, is met with an immediate, explosive and direct counter assault and should be pressured with partners who have good hands and can really bang, then you'll put something workable on the disc.

Hope this helps and thanks for the question

Lee Morrison

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