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Profile of Nick Hughes

Post  Chris on Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:03 am

Nick Hughes started his martial arts training in Australia in 1969 with the school Judo and Ju-jutsu club. During this time he also cross trained with members of the schoolís boxing and wrestling clubs and also undertook Tae Kwan Do when a club was formed at the school in 1973. In 1975, looking for something more practical, he began studying Zen Do Kai under Instructors Jones and Anderson. Zen Do Kai was developed by Jones for Body guards, police officers, prison staff and doormen. Based 80% on traditional Goju Karate, Zen Do Kai borrowed heavily from every other fighting system with the principal of if it works, use it.

Nearly all black belts in the style had hands on experience in the street which meant that teachers in the style knew what worked and what didnít. Nick began his own "practical" training by working on night club doors at the age of sixteen (being 6'3" and 200 lbs at that age helped) and stayed with ZDK until leaving Australia in 1984.

Wishing to further his career as a body guard Nick arrived in London in Ď84. On arrival in London he was informed by the various Security Agencies that furnished body guards that they only employed ex-military personnel so he signed on for a five year stint with the French Foreign Legion. During his five year contract Nick served with the famous 2nd REP, - the Legionís famous parachute regiment - as a frogman commando, then in Africa as both a frogman and signals operator. On his return to mainland France he finished his contract with the Legion at the their HQ regiment as a patrolman and unarmed combat instructor in the military police.

Arriving back in the UK in Ď89 he began his bodyguard career , and, when not working, began studying Judo with the British Judo Association and Kali and Filipino knife fighting with Englandís top instructor Mr Bob Breen. He also became a member of the teaching staff for CQB Services Body Guard Course and began to write self defense articles for the UKís leading martial arts magazine, Fighting Arts International.

During his stint as a body guard he protected members of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, numerous rock and roll artists, diplomats, politicians, businessmen and movie stars all over the world including Russia and Germany.

In 1994 he quit the close personal protection field and moved to the United States. He continued his study of the arts and obtained a 4th degree black belt in Ju-jutsu, a 3rd degree in Yoshinkan Aikido, a 1st degree in Judo in conjunction with his 6th degree in Combat Karate and a 5th degree in Zen Do Kai. He also obtained his certification in Violent Patient Management, Spontaneous Knife Defense and Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention with PPCT Management Systems. He has conducted seminars all over the states most notably at the world famous Karate College in Virginia with Bill Wallace and Joe Lewis and received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000 during a ceremony in California.

After teaching both Combat Karate and Legion Unarmed Combat in the States he now teaches Krav Maga in the Lake Norman area.

He recently appeared on Spike TVs "Deadliest Warrior" representing the Foreign Legion v The Gurkhas, has been interviewed for Black Belt magazine and is the author of "How to be Your Own Bodyguard" Self Protection for men and women from a lifetime of protecting clients in hostile environments.

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