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Post  Chris on Tue Aug 15, 2006 3:54 am

Born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire in 1948, Dave moved to North Manchester in the early 1950's, moving back to his native Rotherham in the mid 1980's

Like many others, Dave's intoduction to the Combat Arts was due to being beaten up on too many occasions, due to being brough up on a very rough council Estate, north of Manchester called ...
"Back O' The Moss"..
Dave's start was in both Western Boxing & Wrestling, whilst still at school... He was actually on both school teams.
On leaving school Dave started in Judo, this was at a B.J.C. club, which concentrated more on Judo for Self-Defence, rather than sport. This would have been around 1964. Looking only for those systems and methods that seemed practical for the streets, Dave graduated through several styles of Ju-Jitsu, and also some K.N.K. Karate (Kita Nishi Kwan), as well as some Kempo-Jutsu.
Although making roughly 4th Kyu Orange belt level in most of these, something was still missing as far as the 'ultimate' street system was concerned.
A chance introduction to the "Goshinkwai Yawara-Ryu" system of realistic combat, helped fill most of the gaps. Dave stayed with the "Goshinkwai Yawara-Ryu" from the early 1970's until 1990, gaining 4th Dan Black Belt in that system.
Dave's leaving was inspired mainly due to wanting to study more systems and styles, in order to further develop his own methods and ideas of Street Combat. This led to the formation of the
"Goshinkwai Combat System"...Dave chose a similar name to honour his roots, yet also to illlustrate some differences.

In order to complete his street skill base, Dave also studied many NON-Oriental systems, especially the Grappling Systems, and some of the older European Arts.
Dave once trained at the infamous "Billy Riley's" Wrestling Club in Wigan, Lancashire, known by all who entered it's dark portals as "The Snake Pit"... Here he studied several Wrestling styles, but fell in love with "Lancashire Catch".. something he wishes he had continued in.
The training at the "Snake Pit", was in fact so hard (brutal), that Dave "bottled out", and left after less than 2 years, something he regrets to this day.

A short (very short) spell on the Doors of one or two of North Manhester's less classy Night Clubs, gave Dave the taste of reality, that allows for honest appraisals of his abilities, and forced a few more changes in the system he practised.

Moving back to Yorkshire saw Dave become a member of the B.C.A. (British Combat Association), which was probably the most honest "Real" set-up at that time. Formed by Peter Consterdine & Geoff Thompson, Dave loved the time he spent as a member, until leaving to form his own Association in the new Millennium year of 2000.

Over the years, Dave's realistic teachings had reached the ears of many instructors who were looking for that "Something extra".. People like "Geoff Thompson" .. "Jamie O'Keefe" .. "Alan Charlton" .. "Darrin Richardson" .. "Kevin O'Hagan" .. "Dave Briggs" .. and many more, all became students of Dave Turton.
Others from all forms of Martial Arts ..Phil Glover (International Kick Boxing Champ)..Keith Burns (International Tang Soo Do Champ) .. Andy Crittenden (International Tae Kwon Do Champ) Masters from many other systems, all sought out Dave as their TOP Realistic Combat Instructor.
On the formation of his own set-up, .."The Self-Defence Federation International", Dave attracted most of those mentioned above as members, and others like the SUPER FIT Paddy Doyle, all joined to be part of this new venture.
On the formation of the "Self-Defence Federation International", Dave held the following grades..

7th Dan Black Belt .. Goshinkwai Combat.
7th Dan Black Belt .. Combat Ju-Jitsu
7th Dan Black Belt .. Combat Budo
7th Dan Black Belt .. Self-Defence/Self-Protection
5th Dan Black Belt .. Atemi-Jutsu
4th Dan Black Belt .. Goshinkwai Yawara
Full Master's Level in Combat Ju-Jitsu & Combat Budo.

Dave is one of the most sought out Instructors of the REAL, and travels all around the UK teaching on Seminars/Courses, bringing his own very unique brand of understanding of real combat to thousand's of Martial Artists. As well as being a columnist in the Martial Arts magazines.

Dave's Federation has become one of the most exciting and fastest growing organisations there is.. With over 400 new members in 2001 alone, Dave has members in Europe, the USA, Sri Lanka, as well as a growing membership in the Republic of Ireland, Dave is now established as one of the top THREE Instructors of Realistic Defence Combat.

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