question on street-grappling

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question on street-grappling

Post  Disenchanted Westerner on Fri Oct 06, 2006 1:47 am

Dear John,

just a quick question: has someone ever tried to attack you with a grappling move in the street during a serious altercation? If yes, what was your (re)action? And generally speaking, how do you prefer to deal with such attacks?

many thanks,


Disenchanted Westerner

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Re: question on street-grappling

Post  John Skillen on Sat Oct 07, 2006 9:35 am

Yes many times it is actually par for the course if a person has worked a number of years in a violent environment then they will have had to deal with a suprise attack or being grabbed from behind etc,they don't see coming. i can't remember someone trying out a deliberate grappling move they may have done but in the street it would be a ragged affair and probally not recognised most of my altercations remained at the standing grappling range or quickly finished. i have been to ground when i've slipped or ragged over in a meillee but generally i stood up. I'm not a beleiver in that most fights go to ground - some do most don't.
I remember being attacked one night whilst going into my office at a club i was working at this attack was a complete suprise i was prepared through training to deal with this attack i caught the man by the throat whilst standing beneath him on a staircase he dive into me and i spun him took him down the staircase and into the office pinning him on top of a row of chairs he quickly turned blue then purple his eyes became blkoodshot as i squeezed his throat tight shut. it ended there and he was carried from the club slightly unsure of hwere he'd been. The man was 6ft 4 and built like a brick outhouse.
Take care mate

John Skillen

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